decree of the knight
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There was something…familiar…about this Witch’s Barrier, but she couldn’t put her finger on it…

Sayaka shook her head. It was just the Barrier playing tricks on her, Mami had mentioned once that Barriers did all sorts of weird things to people in an attempt to ensnare them. The droning music sent a shiver down her spine, but she continued on anyway.

Had to get a Grief Seed for her Soul Gem.

"Okay, show yourself, Witch!" She declared upon entering the center of the room. Her words held more bravado than she felt.

posted 2 years ago, 1 May 2012
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    Oh yes, because guess how I lost all of my patience, you naive wench? "Listen up, I told you that there is a Goddess who...
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    "I don’t think I have it easy at all," Sayaka disagreed in a calm tone. "You know…You get riled up even easier than I...